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Hair Loss Treatment With Low Level Laser Therapy 1

Tricomax Laser Hair Treatment (TLHT)

TLHT is a clinically tested hair loss treatment specialized for women. The Tricomax formula has proven to regrow strong, healthy hair and reverse hair thinning in womenElma HairSpa in 88% of users. Much like the treatment program for men, the formula is accompanied with the use of a low-level laser device, such as Laser HairMax or iGrow lasers, in reversing hair loss.

Intensive Treatment For Thinning Hair
The only complete hair management system for women with thinning hair

Specially formulated for women
Women experience hair loss differently than men and require care and maintenance with products that are specially formulated to treat their delicate scalp.  Products for men can be be dangerous and should be avoided.  That's why Tricomax has a line of products specifically for women.

Serious science, proven results
Tricomax is the result of extensive research by beauty professionals and medical experts. The Tricomax hair manage system inlcudes preventative therapies, hair fitness programs and hair recovery tools. It is a complete support program developed and reviewed by a medical advisory board.

How does Tricomax work?

  1. Cleanse the scalp using Tricomax Scalp Cleansing Mask
  2. Stimulate and block production of DHT using Tricomax Scalp Stimulating Lotion
  3. Revitalize & deep cleanse using Tricomax Revitalizing Shampoo
  4. Rejuvinate the follicle and light therapy using Tricomax Laser Pro 12 by HairMax™ based on the only laser design officially cleared by the FDA for hair growth
  • Tricomax Cleansing Mask
  • Tricomax Scalp Stimulating Lotion
  • Tricomax Revitalizing Shampoo
  • Tricomax Laser Pro 12

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