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Vivandi Shower Filter

Vivandi Dechlorinating Shower Filter
Dechlorinating Shower Filters.

Vivandi Shower Filters have been specifically designed based on the chlorine contents of the Middle East’s major cities’ drinking water. In fact, it is the only one of its kind featuring replaceable filters with easy pop-in cartridges that requires no back-flushing. The filters also work wonderfully with any type of hand-held showers.

Vivandi Shower Filters, employing advanced KDF technology, are of great value to those who are concerned about the adverse health effects of exposure to chlorine due to absorption through the skin or by inhalation, or are worried about the health and beauty of their hair and skin. The Vivandi Shower Filter will provide superior protection from chlorine, when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures.

Shower filters provide several benefits such as chlorine removal, reduction of soap scum, prevention of dry skin and hair and the removal of unpleasant odors.

Many shower filters help balance water ph for better sudsing and cleaning and remove synthetic chemicals in the water that can vaporize and be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Even if you have un-chlorinated well water, there are benefits to using a shower filter in your home. The elimination of chlorine and chemicals from your shower water is as important as the removal of these contaminants from your drinking water.

Some of the reasons for reducing chlorine and synthetic chemicals levels in your shower water include:

Chlorine accumulates on the scalp, clogging the follicles, preventing them from breathing and growing.
Chlorine bonds to skin and hair destroying the natural bacterial balance. This may lead to dryness, itching, flaking and premature skin aging.

Chlorine gas, chlorine by-products such as Trihalomethanes (THM's), chloroform and many synthetic chemicals may become vaporized in hot shower water and become a concentrated area for toxic gasses. You are consistently inhaling these gasses with regular shower activity and this may pose a long term health risk.

Chlorine and most other chemicals can also be absorbed by the skin. These chemicals can therefore enter the body even without direct ingestion from drinking water. You may absorb more chlorine and synthetic chemicals through the skin during your shower than through drinking unfiltered tap water.

Chlorine can destroy protein in the body and has adverse effects on your hair and skin.
Chlorine chemically bonds with the protein in the skin and hair, making hair brittle an dry and the sensitive skin itchy and flaky.

Research shows that those long, hot showers we enjoy are actually a health risk! When the chlorine found in water evaporates into steam and is inhaled, the fumes can be 6-100 times more toxic than exposure to chlorinated drinking water.

Tap water often contains at least as much, if not more, chlorine than is recommended for use in swimming pools.

More chlorine enters the body through dermal absorption and inhalation while showering than through drinking tap water.

Skin pores widen while showering, making dermal absorption of chlorine and other chemicals possible.

The chlorine in showering water can cause rashes and other skin irritations when absorbed by the skin.

Chemicals in showering water vaporize at a much faster rate than the actual water. Thus, the steam in a shower contains a much higher concentration of chemicals than the water itself.

Inhaled chemicals make their way into the bloodstream much more quickly than ingested chemicals, without the added filtration benefits of digestion.

More water contaminants are released into the air of a home from the shower than from any other source.
Chlorine is a suspected cause of breast cancer. Women suffering from breast cancer are all found to have 50-60 percent more chlorine in their breast tissue than healthy women.

De-Chlorinating Shower Filter is a patented new technology shower filter that removes chlorine, dirt, sediment and odors from water you wash in.