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Laser Revivogen Hair Treatment

I bought the HairMax Laser Comb plus Revivogen hair loss products, called LRHT, about six weeks ago and people are starting to notice a difference in my hair already. My hair looks fuller and I can see little hairs growing on my temple. Its crazy I didn't think this was going to work now can't wait until two to three months down the road. I will post another review then. (AUG 22 update) Let me tell you that my results from using the LRHT have been great my hair looks great a lot of people are noticing now. This has been one of the best purchases I’ve made in years wow can't believe it. Will post another update in Nov. If you want to get your hair back buy this product.
Sareer A

"I have been on LRHT for almost one year now and I am happy with it. My hair was thinning in the front and back all of a sudden. I had a minor operation and after that my hair started to thin. Some reports state that after an operation or sudden shock to the system your hair can fall out.

I got the LRHT products and I must say that my hair did come back in the front and 70% in the rear. I do not have a bald spot in the rear just thinning but not that noticeable now. I continue to use it as all I want to do now is keep what I have."
Amit J

Hi. I've been losing my hair since I was about 16. To be honest I wouldn’t care if I was 40 and bald, but I’m still young. Going bald was a nightmare. I got so much stick off my friends and when I told people my age they wouldn't believe me. I have been depressed and had had no confidence for years. I am 21 now and have been using your LRHT program for about eight months. I am happy to say I'm seeing great results. After the first three months I noticed a difference, each passing week makes me happier and happier. I think my hair will be back to normal in about four months at the most.
Afrid A

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved with LRHT. You have changed my life and made me so happy. Thank You. I will recommend this treatment to all my friends and any one I know,
Again Thank You.
Dindo B

Six months ago all of a sudden the back of my scalp thinned out. Yes there was hair, but you could see a thinning bald spot from close and far away and also the front of my hair seemed thin. I stressed out wondering why it was happening. I started to use LRHT on March of 2011. I followed the directions doing the whole head. Within three months I saw my temple getting hairs, which was an unexpected surprise, and my hair seemed fuller. I kept to the grindstone and after a few months more my scalp is pretty much back to where it was prior. Even with a wet head it looks good, which really says a lot. My confidence is back and LRHT works, I will not stop using it. Thank you for making me feel so confident again.
Kholoud M.